Viper Motorcycle Race Cans

Viper Race Cans present a wide range of road and sports bikes exhausts,offering stylish upgrades to original exhausts with increased performance
unfaltering build quality.

.Reduced weight o9ver original cans
.Increase in performance output and torque
.Easy to fit slip-on and bolt-on cans
.Low performance
.Unique Race acoustic

developed and manufactured in an original equipment facility, viper race cans utilise optimum materials such as stainless steel and carbon fibre to guarantee exhaust cans of unfaltering build quality.

Formats available cater for all needs and budgets from ‘straight-through’Alloy round cans to road legal E-marked carbon fibre cans with carbon end caps and removable baffle. whether the bike is a daily commuter or track machine, viper provides plenty of choices in can shape,material and size.

Straight-through Race can Formats:
.Alloy-Round/Oval/Stubby Oval/micro Oval/stubby Oval with carbon end-cap/micro-Oval with carbon end cap
.Carbon fibre-Oval
E-marked can with removable baffle formats:
.Alloy-Round/Oval/Oval with Carbon Fibre end-cap
.Carbon Fibre-Oval/Oval with carbon end cap

All cans are model specific please call 01708 609281 P.O.A